ERS Education


Our business model is built around educating homeowners to do the things they can do themselves. We want to help you save money through giving you knowledge. If we help you save money now, you will call us when you need work done that you can’t do yourself.

For example: do you rinse off your air conditioner compressor (the outside unit that sits in your backyard)? If you do, why? If you don’t, why not?

Do you know that 1mm of dust on the exterior unit decreases the effectiveness by 1%. You will not see any dirt on it until you are at about a 30% buildup. That means that you are losing 30% of its efficiency and that is costing you more each month on your electric bill.

I rinse off my compressor weekly to keep it as efficient as I can.

Please watch our educational videos to learn what you can do yourself but don’t hesitate to call when your problem is beyond that.

ERS is your Home HVAC Professor and Your Problem Solver.